Two-Day Horse Ride in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

No Experience Necessary - Experienced Riders Welcome


Suitable For Families

We own special mountain bred horses descended from noble Spanish Barbs brought from Spain in the 1500s...Crossed with the comfortable but less sure-footed Paso breed our mountain horses give a strong, comfortable ride with greater endurance, stability and reliability needed for steep Inca trails. We raise and train horses at our ranch in the Sacred Valley. The horses are no nonsense, experienced, sure-footed, non-gaited mountain trail horses affording a secure, comfortable ride on steep pathways.

Day 1: Ride From Corrao To Huchuy QosqoWe Pick you up at your hotel in Cusco at around 7:00am and drive for 20 minutes to the historic Corao pass; passing the megalithic fortress of Sacsayhuaman along the way. Here we meet our horses and wranglers. We trot along the old Inca route well away from the modern paved highway. We could be back in the 16th century. Modern Peru is centuries away. Heading downhill to the village of Corao we wind up to a pass to find the gleaming Coricocha Lake below us teeming with Andean waterfowl. Skirting the lakeshore and bearing left on undulating terrain we reach gently to a second pass with views of Chicon and its glaciers. Following a valley down through a traditional Quechua village we reach the gateway to the ruins of Huchuy Qosqo. Here the paved Inca road is intact, once part of the Quapac Nan Inca road system that stretched from Colombia to Central Chile and Argentina. Here we dismount and walk the ancient road, stretching our legs, and as we round a bend a spectacular view awaits with he Sacred Valley of the Incas laid out a 1000 meters below us. We rejoin our horses, which have gone a different route so as not to damage the Inca road and trot to our charming homestay lodging just beyond the ruins. Some may wish to relax, shower or explore the ruins. We dine with our Quechua hosts (Saddle time: 6-7 hours) L:D
Day 2: Ride from Huchuy Quosqo to Lamay. A leisurely breakfast and time to explore the ruins. Here we rest our horses and explore these seldom visited ruins. Commanding a magnificent view of the valley floor we explore the ruins on foot. There is a fine "Kallanca" or great hall some 40 meters long overlooking a ceremonial esplanade with fine terracing and many ancillary buildings. We can also visit the Condor lookout – spectacular on the lip of the Sacred Valley and if lucky you might see an Andean Condor. Remounting we detour to a lookout with stunning views of the Vilcabamba mountains. Winding our way down a long ravine to Calca we turn east along the floor of the Sacred Valley with the Urubamba River on our left. Our horses will pick up speed, as they know they are heading home and we'll arrive at our stables in Lamay mid-afternoon. The scenery is unsurpassed, as are our string of horses which are well trained, well groomed and well looked after. On arrival at the stables we'll serve cold drinks as your mounts rest and cool down. Our van will be waiting to drive you to your hotel in Cusco. (Ride Time 5-6 hours) B: L.