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Please Note:Large items of luggage are not allowed on the train to/from Aguas Calientes, so we would advise that you pack as light as possible. 10 kilos the official weight allowed but this is not strictly enforced.

Private and one day tours anytime - please consult

What's included at a glance:

  • Round trip Vistadome train ticket to and from Machu Picchu to Cusco (if you want to start finish in the sacred Valley that's OK)
  • Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Cusco or the Sacred Valley
  • Meet and greet by your guide on the train
  • Bus round trip for the Machu Picchu train station to the ruins on both days
  • Standard Entrance fee to the ruins on both days (see below for additional add on's)
  • 4-5 hours shared guided tour of the ruins on arrival on day one
  • Buffet lunch at the ruins on Day 1
  • Overnight in Aguas Calientes at a 4* hotel with dinner

Day 1:We'll pick you up at your hotel in Cusco or the sacred Valley of the Incas and take you to the railway station for the tourist class Vistadome train to Machu Picchu. The train journey passes through picturesque Andean scenery, passing traditional villages, Inca ruins and rushing rivers. We'll descend 1300 meters through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and follow the Urubamba River to Aguas Calientes. After dropping off our luggage at the station we'll take the 20-minute bus ride up to Machu Picchu, perched 600 meters above the river. After lunch your archeological guide will take you on a walking tour of the site. MACHU PICCHU! The famous lost city of the Inca is one of the most magical and mysterious places on Earth. Situated on the spine of a jungle cloaked granite peak towering some 600 meters above an entrenched meander of the roaring river below, the site is frequently shrouded in misty clouds pierced by the powerful equatorial sun. Constructed from precisely sculptured granite blocks carefully joined with the projecting exposed stone of the surrounding mountain, the site may well be the finest architectural achievement of the new world. In the afternoon we return to the bustling backpacker town for overnight at our hotel. L.

Day 2:
All day to explore Machu Picchu on your own. You may want to walk back along the Inca Trail for 45 minutes to Intipunku - the sun gate- or climb up the towering summit of Wayna Picchu, both excursions offering splendid overviews of the citadel. In mid-afternoon we return to Cusco on the tourist train. Our representative will meet you off the train to take you to your hotel in Cusco or the sacred Valley of the Incas. B.


About Machu Picchu Logistics

Once Entrance Tickets are sold out, it is not possible to get into Machu PIcchu, either through us or any other company world-wide. There are no cancellations or wait-lists.

The Entrance fees just to the Machu Picchu Ruins are as follows

In order to climb Huayna Picchu (the big sugar loaf mountain behind Machu Picchu) the following new rules are now in place, not only limiting the number but also adding a surcharge for those wishing to attempt this climb:

1: Entrance times are:
Group 1 (G1): 0700-0800
Group 2 (G2): 1000-1100

The max capacity per group is 200 people. Permits to climb Huayna Picchu can only be made through us on your behalf or Machu Picchu or in the Cusco office of the Direction Regional of Cusco. They cannot be purchased on arrival in Machu Picchu nor in Aguas Calientes. Once sold out, that's it. The prices for entrances to Huayna Picchu are different to the standard entrance tickets to Machu Picchu. It is not possible to swap standard entrance tickets to include Huayna Picchu. Prices for Machu Picchu-Huayna Picchu-Moon Temple are detailed above.

If you want anything over and above a standard entrance ticket to the ruins we need your preference at the time of your final trip confirmation.

Treks in and around Machu Picchu

Inti Punku:This is the most popular and accessible of the optional hikes. No additional fee is charged for this route. Allow one hour to climb from the Watchman's Hut (AKA the postcard viewpoint) to Inti Punku, the Gate of the Sun (1 mile, and approximately 1,000 feet elevation gain to 8,880 ft). The trail is broad, and with comparatively moderate exposure. Hence those suffering from vertigo can make it to the top. Several shrines, a cave and other Inca features mark your progress up to the col. From the Inca guard post, you enjoy a classic view of the valley and the citadel below you.

Huayna Picchu & Temple of the Moon: The control gate where you sign out for hikes to both Huayna Picchu and Temple of the Moon is at the northern end of the citadel esplanade. The trail is narrow, with steep pitches and sheer drop-offs. Anyone who suffers from vertigo should avoid this route. You first descend to a saddle, and then begin the steep switch-backing climb to the summit. The trail is well maintained, and there are ropes or cables to help you over steeper pitches. Near the top the route forks. The right fork takes you via a tunnel to the summit; the left takes you via a VERY steep stone staircase to the summit. Impressive views. Allow 2.5 hours. Tickets are sold for entry between the hours of either 7-8 AM or 10-11 AM. Visitors to Temple of the Moon start the hike on the Huayna Picchu trail. After descending to the saddle, climb for about five minutes, and look for a fork in the trail to your left. You descend, and then climb a bit until you reach the west shoulder of Huayna Picchu. Beyond this point, you enter cloud forest, and leave Machu Picchu citadel behind you. The trail descends gently through thick cloud forest. While views in the forest are limited, it's a pretty walk. Allow one hour to reach Temple of the Moon, where you will find extremely fine quality double-jamb ceremonial doorways marking the entrance to a shallow cave. This is a peaceful site for those seeking respite from the crowds at Machu Picchu. Allow about 5 hours to take in both sites.

Inti Punku - 50 Gradas: Beyond Inti Punku, the cloud forest is luxuriant; tree ferns, orchids and bromeliads are abundant. The Inca Trail engineering on this route, high above the Vilcanota River, is impressive. One hour from Inti Punku you reach a control gate. The DRC-C no longer allows access through the control gate to Winya Wayna ruins. Return to the citadel via the same route.

Machu Picchu Mountain: As you depart the Watchman's Hut site along the Inca Trail toward Gate of the Sun, look for a trail heading upward to the right. This is an obvious, well-engineered staircase leading up through the finely-crafted terrace walls at 90° to the main trail, about 100 yards up the trail from the Watchman's Hut. There may be a trail marker at the turnoff. It's a 2.5-hour round trip, with much of the route laid in Inca paving stones. The last short pitch to the summit is steep and rocky. From the Inca ritual platform at the summit you enjoy spectacular views toward Phuyopatamarca ruins, on the Inca Trail, and beyond to the sacred peak of Nevado Salcantay. Approximate elevation gain: 2,900 ft.

Andenes Orientales: Many of the thousands of man-hours of exploration and clearing of jungle vegetation in recent years have been directed toward revealing the extensive terraces and water management features in the steep lower flanks of Machu Picchu, between the citadel and the Vilcanota River. This area may be of particular interest to those with additional days in Machu Picchu.

The Inca Bridge: From the terrace immediately below the Watchman's Hut, follow a broad trail to your left, climbing slightly into forest beyond the end of the terracing west of the quarry sector. After 15 minutes hike, you reach a viewpoint. The Inca drawbridge was a control point where the trail crossed a sheer cliff. While you are not permitted to hike all the way to the bridge, you'll see orchids, colorful birds, and appreciate the memorable engineering of the bridge itself.

Hiking options from the town of Aguas Calientes
(No reserved tickets are required)

Mandor waterfall: 3.5 hours round trip. Follow the rail line down along the river below the town. Shortly below Puente Ruinas (where the shuttle buses cross the river and begin their switch backing climb up to Machu Picchu) there is an organic garden and orientation centre. Beyond, note the spectacular water-shaped granite boulders in the river channel. You reach Mandorpampa, a farm where Hiram Bingham camped on his first expedition. The trail cuts through the farmer's field into the forest away from the river. It's a short walk through tropical forest to an exquisite waterfall and pool in a small glade. The water is cold!

Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel commercial excursions: Inquire at the Machu Picchu Hotel about their orchid garden; birdwatching guided tours; the tea plantation; and the Andean Bear Rescue Project.