Booking and Reservation Information

Photographer: Fabrice Schmitt

At the time of making a reservation for any tour we will send you:

A detailed updated itinerary listing all meals, reservations and other inclusions. This should be revised by you and accepted or if you see anything wrong we should be informed so we can modify accordingly.

To proceed in making the necessary reservations we will need:

  • A filled out application form and the relevant deposit to secure services
  • At that time we also need your relevant information: full name, age, occupation,
    Nationality, passport number and if they have any special dietary needs. This is part of the application form but should you be waiting for some details before sending your application form we need at least these basic details for National Park, Inca Trail permits etc.
  • If you wish us to buy any internal air in Peru, you need to add the indicated amount to the deposit at the same time so we can proceed to buy the tickets as soon as the funds arrive.
  • The balance of payment is due 45 days before departure. If not paid you may lose your space on the tour.
  • If you have any special dietary requirements (for example you do not eat red meat) you ask us for a special diet, please note it is not possible to change ourmind during the trip and the last minute as menus are planned and lodges advised well in advance.

How you can pay:

By bank wire transfer, we pay one set of bank fees here in Peru for every transaction sent – you are responsible for any others.
Please advise us of any payments made via email, as we may not be able to trace your payment at a later date.

Important Note: Ensure you tell your bank that all bank charges are for Remitter's Account. (This will ensure the correct amount reaches the bank, if the correct amount does not reach our account you will be invoiced for the difference). For any subsequent transfers for extras we request net transfers and we are not responsible for banking fees except for what we incur here in Peru. Our bank charges a fixed between $0 and $25 USD fee for transactions. FOR EXTRA PAYMENTS - Ask your bank to make a net transfer. Note that many banks especially in the USA habitually use intermediary banks that also charge a fee – We are not responsible for charges on transfers made by your bank or any intermediary bank as we already pay a bank charge for each transfer we receive. Please confer with your bank about transfer charges, which may be deducted, from the amount transferred and add the appropriate amount to your payment or instruct your bank to make a NET payment. Please indicate the name of the person or company making the deposit, name of bank used for the transaction. We also accept VISA directly by email or fax but due to high VISA charges in Peru if you pay this way we need to add a surcharge of 5.5%. We also accept deposit payments via on secure online payment system PayPal. Go to Manu Expeditions and click on the PayPal service payment button on any webpage and follow the steps. If you use this method please also add 5.5%, which is what Pay Pal charges for its services. You must inform us of any payments made via email as if you do not we may have trouble locating your payments later.

Cancellation, Refunds, Changes and Cancellations by Manu Expeditions:

  • We must receive written notification of your decision to cancel a trip. Based on the date of receipt, the following charges apply.
  • If you cancel your trip prior to 60 days before departure we will refund you recoverable costs minus administrative and bank fees and any unrecoverable deposits made to third parties.
  • If you cancel your trip up to 45 days before departure we retain 100% of your trip payments.
  • We advise you of the tour price in advance and sometimes many months prior to your trip. We do all in our power to avoid increasing trip prices. In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to amend prices without prior notice. And increase in trip price shall not be sufficient grounds for cancellation of the tour.

Certain situations may arise during the tours, which are beyond the control of the guides or passengers. Manu Expeditions will advise of the situation and suggest alternatives, when deemed necessary, in the interest of safety and security of passengers. In such instances of force majeure, Manu Expeditions will require a written response agreeing to or requesting other alternatives. If changes due to force majeure entail additional costs, such costs are the responsibility of the contracting agency or client. Airlines typically charge a fee for date changes, ticket reissues and cancellations on most excursion fares. While we rarely cancel our departures, we reserve the right to do so up to 30 days in advance. In such a case, we will offer you alternative arrangements. If you do not accept these, we will refund all payments you made to us. In the event that we are forced to cancel a departure, we are not responsible for your trip preparation expenses such as non-refundable air tickets, doctor's fees, inoculations and medications, passports and visas, and personal equipment. Airlines typically charge a fee for date changes, ticket re-issues and cancellations on most excursion fares. In the event that you are forced to make changes, your travel insurance policy may or may not cover these charges. On fixed departure tours, If there is a services included in the tour that you are not going to take, and once the trip is confirmed it will not be feasible to make any kind of refund. No partial refunds will be given for unused hotel rooms, meals, or other pre-arranged tour services.

Tier-priced Trips:

If a trip is tier-priced, your tour cost depends on the number of full-revenue participants traveling. If a group roster grows or shrinks, your final cost may change from your original invoiced amount, according. If the land cost of a tier-priced trip decreases after you have paid your balance, we will refund the difference.

Flight Itineraries:

You must send us your international flight routing. You must reconfirm your international flight reservation at least a MONTH before your departure with us

Single Accommodation:

On all our departures, accommodation is based on double occupancy for hotels, tents, and lodges. If we have to change a lodge or hotel for whatever reason we will advise you and only make that change with your consent. Single accommodation is available on most departures for supplemental cost. If there is a lodge or hotel that does not provide singles, we will advise in time in the detailed itinerary update.

Travel Insurance:

The cost of our tours includes no travel insurance. Our buses and boats re insured for passengers as per Peruvian law. We require that all our passengers obtain travel insurance coverage for medical/dental expense and emergency medical transportation. A policy with these provisions commonly provides financial compensation, refunds and/or other benefits in case of trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, and baggage loss or delay. Your client must carry their travel insurance policy along with their valuable travel documents. In emergency situations, neither Manu Expedition nor our local agents will be liable to meet any expenses should your insurance coverage be inadequate in any respect. When obtaining travel insurance, the passenger must make the insurance provider aware of the type of travel for which he is buying insurance.

Claims, Complaints and Thank You's:

If you are dissatisfied with the services or some other aspect of your tour, you must first inform the tour leader and/or our local representative in order that the tour leader and/or local representative may attempt to correct the situation. Any further complaint must be put in writing to Manu Expeditions within 30 days of the end of the tour. Things we have done well and thanks to guides and staff is also appreciated and also constructive comments on how we can make things better next time.

Optional Extras:

Airport transfers and hotels in Lima may be arranged upon request. We are pleased to assist you with additional tour arrangements prior to and following your tour. Peru is a big country and you will need internal flights within Peru. These can usually be bought and included in most cases when booking your international flights. At present there are 4 airlines operating in Peru -,,, and you can buy internal flights online here.

    If you would like us to buy internal flights on your behalf, we will be pleased to do so, In this case we will require:
  • The relevant amount to proceed with the purchase of flights
  • The relevant personal information: full name (as it appears in the passport), nationality & passport number.
  • We need to know if you have any airline preference. If you do not specify a specific airline we will make the decision for you and buy as we feel is best in each circumstance.
  • We need to know approximate flight times you would like and we'll purchase a flight as close to your ideal schedule as possible.
  • It is important to clarify the following: We charge a $25 per person handling fee for ticketing.

Additional Expenses:

Currency other than USD$ and Euros are difficult to exchange in Peru. Bring cash or credit/debit cards. Traveler's checks are difficult to change and give a lower exchange rate. Major credit cards are also accepted in hotels and larger restaurants. ATM's (cash points) are widely available in major cities and airports and can dispense USD and local currency. On most tours all meals are included but if not, food and beverages in mainstream restaurants and hotels are comparable in cost to what you'll pay for at home in modest restaurants. 19% government value-added tax plus service charges of up to 10% are added to your bill. In Lima, Cusco and Manu small denomination USD and local currency is accepted for extras such as pop and beer etc. at rainforest lodges and hotels.


Tipping your trip staff is optional but customary. Take along between around $100 and $120 in local currency or USD for this purpose. On the final morning, guests distribute pooled funds amongst, boat crews and drivers. Ask your guide forfurther orientation. Additionally although our tour leaders are well paid and he/she will do his/her best to show you the wildlife and make sure you have a good time, they work very hard at this. Showing your appreciation to the guide at the end of the tour is always a nice touch and welcome if you feel that the guide has done a good job. Most satisfied folks tip between $5-$20 per person per guided day. Tipping can be done anonymously and groups usually pass an envelope around the bus or boat on the last day for those who wish to show their appreciation. Of course if you wish to tip you leader personally you may


Our expeditions travel through remote and rarely visited parts of Peru and we believe our clients should be aware that the remoteness that makes these trips so very special could also cause certain problems. Thus, whilst we endeavor to minimize the chances of anything-unexpected happening, it has to be noted that no itinerary can or should be rigidly adhered to. This is the very nature of Adventure Travel and we expect our clients to be prepared for delays and slight alterations in our programmed events. We have taken all these possibilities into account when planning this expedition and have allowed sufficient leeway to enable us to successfully run these exceptional trips. A positive attitude is essential in traveling in third world countries and we do our best to make things "happen" Don't expect this country to be like home!

Leaving Manu:

Most Manu Wildlife tours enter Manu overland taking in the special beauty and experience of the Manu Cloud Forests staying at lodges along the way. Returning by the same route is possible but not a perfect option and boating upriver along the Madre de Dios is not recommended and dangerous.

    Here is additional information concerning logistics of leaving Manu. This involves:
  • Boat downriver to Boca Colorado for 2 or 2.5 hours.
  • Local cars for 45 minutes to the Inambari River
  • 10 minute boat crossing of the river on local craft
  • 2.5 hours by paved Inter-oceanic Highway to Puerto Maldonado Airport and flights to Lima or 6 hours overland to Cusco arriving at your hotel around 6:00pm

Time schedules leaving via Boca Colorado

Total travel time from Manu Wildlife Centre Lodge to Puerto Maldonado 6 to 6 hours 30 minutes, and to Cusco 10 hours in private bus. For the river crossing we provide Personal Flotation Devices. Local cars from Boca Colorado to the Inambari River are non air-conditioned station wagons.

Inca Trail Trekking Permits:

Permits are issued by the Peruvian park authority and are limited to 500 persons per day on the Inca Trail. This includes passengers and all guides and support staff. Once permits are sold out, it is not possible to get onto the Inca Trail, either through us or any other company worldwide. There are no cancellations or wait-lists. Our 5-day trek departs Cuzco every Sunday, returning to Cuzco on Thursday. WARNING: Permits sell out up to 5 months in advance. We do offer quality alternative treks along other Inca trails where permits are not required.

Horse Rides

We own special mountain bred horses descended from noble Spanish Barbs brought from Spain in the 1500s...Crossed with the comfortable but less sure-footed Paso breed our mountain horses give a strong, comfortable ride with greater endurance, stability and reliability needed for steep Inca trails. We raise and train horses at our ranch in the Sacred Valley. The horses are no nonsense, experienced, sure-footed, non-gaited mountain trail horses affording a secure, comfortable ride on steep pathways. Everyone is assigned a saddle horse. This can be used for the whole trip, for some hours each day As You Wish. Horses not being used by guests will be looked after by our wranglers (packers) and can be summoned throughout the day as needed. Our well trained, sure-footed, no nonsense horses (we own and train them ourselves at our Sacred Valley facility) are smaller than American and European saddle horses but carry us over the high passes with amazing energy. We do limit rider weight to 220 lbs (100 ks) (Confortable padded, South American-style saddles are used.)