About our Trips

About our Treks

We follow the footsteps of the Incas who built a network of roads throughout their empire called the Qhapac Ñan The Inca road system was the most extensive and advanced transportation system in pre-Columbian South America. It was about 39,900 kilometers long. Our treks follow these ancient roads. We camp high, and discover the beauty of tranquil Andean valleys with sublime views toward 5000 + meter snow peaks. We are authorized outfitters of the most famous trek – The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and have quality alternatives when the Inca Trail Permits are sold out (they sell quickly!). Beyond Machu Picchu lies a remote, wild region of cold high uplands and hot tropical valleys known as the Vilcabamba. The is a steep mountainous region of extreme relief that served as a jungle border province and later, last refuge for the Inca resisting the Spanish colonization of Peru. This is our trek to the lost city of Choquequirao. Our Quechua speaking packers supported by professional cooks and wranglers insure comfortable, organized camps. Delicious meals and daily happy hour/tea are served in a dining tent.

About Trips To the Manu Rainforest

Our fixed departures leave on Fridays, Wednesdays and Mondays (4, 5 and 7 days) but should you want a private or customized trip for your group only we can of course organize a trip to fit your requirements. The trips use a variety of lodges ranging from rustic to very comfortable. All our leaders are bi-lingual biologists and naturalists. The trips emphasize a pristine rainforest experience coupled with comfort and expert leadership. Our lodges and boats are top quality and safety is an important factor. It's fun and you learn something along the way.

About Manu Expeditions Wildlife Photography Tours

Our photo tours are not workshop’s they are Birds and Wildlife Photography Tours. A photography tour is often less hands-on and the guide’s main task is to make sure you’re at the right place at the right time. While you’ll still get photography instructions, you’re more on your own when it comes to capturing the images and you’re more likely to see the guide using their own camera as well.

Our first question to Bird and Wildlife photographers is - what sort of photo tour are you looking for? There are two kinds of photographers and mostly they do not mix - our usual photographers are as per the first two photos -they want to photograph birds but also want to look at birds and do some birding. The second two - we cater for these kinds of clients on a private basis only - so which are you? This is what we need to know to make sure you get an excellent trip Photographers often join tours and can be frustrated when swiftly after seeing something for the first time, they are quickly whisked away to the next target, and watch their precious photo-ops rapidly fade away. Our photo tours are for people who want great wildlife photos, not a massive bird trip list.

Throughout our last ten years at Manu Expeditions Birding tours we have recognized the emergence of photographers as a growing community, and have been regularly setting up customized tours for this distinct market, and so are offering these tours to cater for their significantly different needs to dedicated birders. We will use our wealth of experience from operating bird and natural history tours to take you to the very best places to get memorable shots of birds and wildlife.


We do have the best bird guides, and know intimately the behavior of birds and other animals, and therefore where to position you for getting a decent photo. All the guides use a well-maintained method of finding birds, playback, to bring the birds closer in to you where appropriate. That is the simple objective for these tours: to take you to the best places for nature photography, and get you in the best position to get quality wildlife photos. It is not about the guide getting a good photo; it is about YOU getting a good photo.

Local operators like us have local knowledge and know about secret spots where few others come. We are also better prepared in case something unexpected happens and we are in a better position to arrange a unique and authentic experience.

This leads to a smoother, better-organized experience for you and the other participants

In our opinion, the ideal group size is up to 6 or 8 participants balancing tour costs and group size. More than this and it starts getting crowded in certain places but we can ALWAYS organize private tours for smaller groups.

About Manu Expeditions Birding Tours

Manu Expeditions is a bespoke professional company in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Guyana and Colombia specialized in catering for serious bird watchers. We are bird watchers ourselves and we know how important it is for bird watchers to have trouble free logistics arranged for them while in country. We run birding trips throughout the coast, highlands and rainforests of the region and our leaders for these trips are experienced neo-tropical birders who have many years experience in these countries and know where to find the more sought after and difficult species. All guided trips are led by highly qualified neo-tropical Bird tour leaders who carry the essential equipment, including 'scopes, sound library etc. Our aim is to provide you with excellence in birding trips with trouble free logistics whilst in country. We use only top-class accommodations and vehicles and cut no corners. Private trips can be tailored to suit your needs and be as intense or relaxed as you like.